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gender dysphoria
Glossaries - Psychology

diagnostic category in DSM-5 for individuals who do not identify as the gender associated with their biological sex

gender identity
Glossaries - Psychology

individual’s sense of being male or female

Glossaries - Psychology

sequence of DNA that controls or partially controls physical characteristics

Glossaries - Psychology

inferring that the results for a sample apply to the larger population

genetic environmental correlation
Glossaries - Psychology

view of gene-environment interaction that asserts our genes affect our environment, and our environment influences the expression of our genes

genital stage
Glossaries - Psychology

psychosexual stage in which the focus is on mature sexual interests

Glossaries - Psychology

genetic makeup of an individual

glial cell
Glossaries - Psychology

nervous system cell that provides physical and metabolic support to neurons, including neuronal insulation and communication, and nutrient and waste transport

Glossaries - Psychology

secretes sexual hormones, which are important for successful reproduction, and mediate both sexual motivation and behavior

Glossaries - Psychology

maturing of the sex glands

Glossaries - Psychology

set of rules that are used to convey meaning through the use of a lexicon

gross motor skills
Glossaries - Psychology

use of large muscle groups to control arms and legs for large body movements

Glossaries - Psychology

(plural: gyri) bump or ridge on the cerebral cortex