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Glossaries - Psychology

communication system that involves using words to transmit information from one individual to another

latency period
Glossaries - Psychology

psychosexual stage in which sexual feelings are dormant

latent content
Glossaries - Psychology

hidden meaning of a dream, per Sigmund Freud’s view of the function of dreams

latent learning
Glossaries - Psychology

learning that occurs, but it may not be evident until there is a reason to demonstrate it

Glossaries - Psychology

concept that each hemisphere of the brain is associated with specialized functions

law of effect
Glossaries - Psychology

behavior that is followed by consequences satisfying to the organism will be repeated and behaviors that are followed by unpleasant consequences will be discouraged

Glossaries - Psychology

change in behavior or knowledge that is the result of experience

Glossaries - Psychology

satiety hormone

levels of processing
Glossaries - Psychology

information that is thought of more deeply becomes more meaningful and thus better committed to memory

Glossaries - Psychology

the words of a given language

limbic system
Glossaries - Psychology

collection of structures involved in processing emotion and memory

living will
Glossaries - Psychology

a written legal document that details specific interventions a person wants; may include health care proxy

locus of control
Glossaries - Psychology

beliefs about the power we have over our lives; an external locus of control is the belief that our outcomes are outside of our control; an internal locus of control is the belief that we control our own outcomes

long-term memory (LTM)
Glossaries - Psychology

continuous storage of information

longitudinal fissure
Glossaries - Psychology

deep groove in the brain’s cortex