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Glossaries - Histology glossary

outermost embryonic germ layer from which the epidermis and the nervous tissue derive

elastic cartilage
Glossaries - Histology glossary

type of cartilage, with elastin as the major protein, characterized by rigid support as well as elasticity

elastic fiber
Glossaries - Histology glossary

fibrous protein within connective tissue that contains a high percentage of the protein elastin that allows the fibers to stretch and return to original size

endocrine gland
Glossaries - Histology glossary

groups of cells that release chemical signals into the intercellular fluid to be picked up and transported to their target organs by blood

Glossaries - Histology glossary

innermost embryonic germ layer from which most of the digestive system and lower respiratory system derive

Glossaries - Histology glossary

tissue that lines vessels of the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, made up of a simple squamous epithelium

epithelial membrane
Glossaries - Histology glossary

epithelium attached to a layer of connective tissue

epithelial tissue
Glossaries - Histology glossary

type of tissue that serves primarily as a covering or lining of body parts, protecting the body; it also functions in absorption, transport, and secretion

exocrine gland
Glossaries - Histology glossary

group of epithelial cells that secrete substances through ducts that open to the skin or to internal body surfaces that lead to the exterior of the body