Allergies often cause symptoms that are uncomfortable and annoying. An allergy to pollen is one of the most common forms of allergic reactions. When exposed to pollen, a sensitive person's immune system goes into overdrive producing large amounts of histamines.

While it's always a good time to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a checkup, a particularly good day may be Doctor's Day, especially if you have allergies.

Pollen is one of the main causes of hay fever or pollen allergies in humans. Exposure to pollen can create a whole world of runny noses, nasal congestion and itchy or watery eyes for the allergy sufferer. Spending the day inside the house when the weather is beautiful and the trees are blooming is a difficult choice. For many pollen allergy sufferers, limiting time spent outside is one of the few ways that they may find relief. There are several excellent natural remedies to ease nasal congestion for those with pollen allergies. Some of these remedies require a little practice but offer immediate benefits. 

Allergic rhinitis is often also called nasal allergy, pollinosis or hay fever, especially when it occurs during the haying season.

One of the most annoying symptoms associated with hay fever or pollen allergies is nasal congestion. Runny noses and stuffy noses are hard to tolerate, especially when you have to get on with your day. Since allergies affect a large portion of the human population, antihistamines and decongestants are popular medications on the drug store shelves. Antihistamines work by blocking the histamines released by the body in response to an invader. Decongestants are medications that work in an entirely different manner. 

Allergies developed by adults can be particularly hard to diagnose, but even more complex to children as some common symptoms may be also similar indications of other ailments. What makes it even harder is that children are often less capable of describing the symptoms, which leave the parents guessing.

A sinus allergy is one nasal condition that can be very unnerving, it strikes when you least expect it and can affect your overall body performance. Also known as allergic rhinitis, it is a very common illness and because of the various symptoms that it possesses, it is the leading cause of absences at work worldwide.   As a result, sinus allergy relief is one of the most in-demand symptom relief products.

Natural cures for asthma and allergies in children are often sought by parents who are tired of pumping their children full of medications, steroids and other chemicals that have an amazing range of side effects.  Asthma affects millions of people.  The attacks can be mild, moderate, severe or life threatening.

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