Blood pressure

High blood pressure is a major health problem that is believed to affect one in three Americans. Not only does it directly damage your blood vessels and vital organs but it also significantly increases your chances of suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and many other serious health disorders.

Hypertension can wreck havoc on many body organs. Its effects on the heart are especially damaging. High blood pressure and heart disease are closely connected. 

Moderate to high blood pressure significantly increases the load on the left side of the heart. Arterioles are often diseased or constricted, which increases resistance to blood flow. When this happens, the heart has to work much more to pump blood into the arterial system including the aorta

High blood pressure - or "hypertension" - is a major public health problem that affects up to 1 in 4 Americans.

If you live with high blood pressure and a steady diet of all kinds of hypertension medicines, you have to know that you live under the cloud of a possible heart attack, kidney failure or stroke one day. Is it at all possible that there are certain kinds of foods that you could work into your diet that could be as good at preventing these complications as medicines are? That's what the American Journal of Clinical Nnutrition talks about - in the new study they have just published  - work all kinds of refined foods out of your diet and replace them with whole-grain foods, and the fearsome complications that come from living life with high blood pressure, practically disappear. It might seem simple enough - just eat more of the foods that lower blood pressure complications, and free your mind of a terrible source of anxiety.

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