Health and wellbeing

Health is wealth, so they say – and many of us have no doubt heard that true slogan many times in our lifetime, particularly when things aren’t going all that well physically in our lives. Because when your health is gone, basically, everything for you is gone. Right? You probably will lose the capacity to work and when you can no longer work, your life could possibly start a downward spiral, one of misery and poverty; which can take years and years to recover; if ever. On the other side of the scale, if we do have good health and we can work and enjoy life; our health actually can get a boost, increasing our happiness and wealth. Bottom line is that good health is the basic foundation on which our lives are built – health is a God-given gift.

Keep your home safe for babies and children. Share this checklist with anyone who cares for your child. Keep emergency phone numbers (doctor, fire department, poison control and 911) close to the phone. Teach your older children how and when to call 911 or other emergency numbers.

The swelling located near the tendons and joints is known as a ganglion cyst. It could be near any of the joints and tendons, but a ganglion cyst in the wrist is common. In fact, the cysts may appear in the different parts of the wrist.

Aloe Vera has been making an impact on the skincare market as of late- aloe vera gels are being purchased by every person who yearns for the feel of smooth skin in the morning; and more aloe plants are being bought to gain a more accessible supply of the plant’s juices right at their very own garden. Aloe is most commonly known to be a skin exfoliant but discovery of the uses of the “wonder plant” dates back to many centuries ago- almost 6,000 years to be exact.

A barium enema is an x-ray test of the large intestine also called the colon. This test lets your doctor see the lining of your colon and rectum.  

If you take medicines each day, ask your doctor which of your medicines you should take the day before and the morning of the test. 

Are you feeling run down? Maybe the fast pace of your life leaves you wanting to crawl into bed as soon as possible when you get home. Here are some ways to get more energy into your life right now.

Sometimes you wish there were more than twenty-four hours in a day. You can’t seem to get everything done. Could the problem be your energy levels? What once took about an hour to do now seems to take longer because your heart just doesn’t seem to be in it.

There are several ways that you can do to avoid heart disease and exercise is one of them.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill scientists have discovered why a compound found in grapes and grape products such as red wine shows natural cancer-fighting properties that might be important in preventing or treating the illness.

Drinking a hot cup of tea has many health benefits, aside from just making you feel great! A cup of tea (or two or three, LOL) a day not only makes you feel soothed and relaxed, it can also energize you and kick-start your day. Are you ready to start your tea-adventure? Then start with ginger and lemon tea which is not only a great choice of drink every day, it is also a great alternative to coffee! If you are a non-coffee drinker then you are on the right track, and if coffee is something you can’t live without, maybe switching to tea every so often would be a great idea too!

Constipation refers to very hard stools or bowel movements that are hard to pass.

You may also:

Need to strain

  • Feel like you did not completely empty your bowels
  • Have cramping, pain, bloating or nausea

Each person is different, but most people pass stools from 3 times each day to 3 times each week. As long as the stool is soft and easy to pass, you are not constipated.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…

If you are thinking of trying a new exercise, then yoga is the way to go. Unlike other sports or forms of exercise, yoga does not only strengthen your body but also relaxes your mind and motivates your spirit. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. It is being one with the universe, leading to unification and enlightenment. Practicing this exercise includes postures or poses, breathing and even internal cleansing and cultivating the life-energy as it is also a form of meditation.

‘You can’t out-exercise a bad diet’ – that’s what some old phrase says, and they would be quite right - because bottom line is this, when it comes to looking out for your body, diet is key.

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