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When it comes to glaucoma there are a lot of unknowns.  Whilst there are risk factors, no one knows for sure what causes it.  Whilst there are treatments that can help manage the condition, there is no definitive cure.

Kidney stones are not really dangerous because normally it gets out of the body through urination. Then again there are cases when kidney stones develop to something bigger than expected so they stay in the body. When this happens then it is time to visit your doctor so that you can go through necessary tests and figure out the next best steps to be taken. Usually, a patient with kidney stones may just be advised to stay home and drink lots of water so that eventually the kidney stones are flushed out. Sometimes though that is not enough and so after careful thought surgery may be considered as it is needed.

Despite having similar symptoms, these winter respiratory diseases can have VERY different results.

Indeed, there is no more effective means of fighting any disease but proper diet. Many experts agree that having the right diet is one of the keys to treating and preventing common diseases such as kidney stones. This is because if there is controlled diet, people can choose not to consume foods that can lead to the faster formation and faster growth—in the cases of those who already have kidney stones.

The increasing number of patients each year usually causes the shortage of flu vaccines. However, not all flu vaccines have the same ingredients since there there's the existence of the regular flu as well as the H1N1 or swine flu virus. H1N1 or swine flu is the most threatening among the two types of major flu viruses because it was the culprit of the 2009 pandemic.

Kidney stones or "urolithiasis" are known to develop in a person's body when there is a collection of materials—such as minerals—to a small stone. These stones are commonly found in the kidney, but there are also those that stay in the ureter or in the bladder. Also called "nephrolithiasis," by physicians, kidney stones can cause a great deal of pain to an individual when it blocks the urine flow. When this is not diagnosed and given proper treatment as soon as possible, it can lead to several kidney problems that can last for a long time.

Flu season is a normal occurrence every year. However, when the pandemic flu or H1N1 spread across the globe in 2009, people became more aware of the seriousness of this type of flu. Often referred to as 'swine flu', H1N1 can be contracted from one person to another by respiratory droplets. The symptoms of H1N1 usually last for 4 to 6 days.

Kidney stones are not necessarily as common as say coughs and colds but it is one of the top reasons why people come rushing to the emergency wing of the hospital. Urine liquid is usually colored white or yellow so when you see that your urine is in a different color, say pink, then you worry so you troop to the hospital. When you sense a different kind of pain somewhere below your stomach, you begin to rattle because you know it is not just a simple case of indigestion.

Flu has been around for centuries. It has a deadly history, taking thousands of lives. To prevent that, scientists have worked to develop flu vaccines to help protect people from the possible harmful results of an influenza infection. But, are these vaccines all they are cracked up to be? 

How do you treat kidney stones? This depends on its severity so it may or may not involve surgery. The good news is that 90% of the time, your body will be able to expel the stones on its own. But what if you are one of the unfortunate who belong to that 10%? 

joomplu:28A lot of people have been bombarded with warnings and advice about the heart and how to prevent heart disease that they sometimes no longer listen.  Or it is simply because the mere mention of the words heart disease, coronary artery disease, coronary heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, does not mean anything because you don’t know what these conditions mean and how exactly they can be destructive to health.  What’s the difference anyway?

To avoid the pain brought by the development of kidney stones and its risks to your health, it is a must that you undergo immediate diagnosis once you suspect that there's something wrong.

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