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Glossary of biology.

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Glossaries - Biology glossary

protein in or on a target cell that bind to ligands

receptor potential
Glossaries - Biology glossary

membrane potential in a sensory receptor in response to detection of a stimulus

receptor-mediated endocytosis
Glossaries - Biology glossary

variation of endocytosis that involves using specific binding proteins in the plasma membrane for specific molecules or particles, and clathrin-coated pits that become clathrin-coated vesicles

Glossaries - Biology glossary

trait that appears “latent” or non-expressed when the individual also carries a dominant trait for that same characteristic; when present as two identical copies, the recessive trait is expressed

recessive lethal
Glossaries - Biology glossary

inheritance pattern in which an allele is only lethal in the homozygous form; the heterozygote may be normal or have some altered, nonlethal phenotype

reciprocal cross
Glossaries - Biology glossary

paired cross in which the respective traits of the male and female in one cross become the respective traits of the female and male in the other cross

recombinant DNA
Glossaries - Biology glossary

combining DNA fragments that molecular cloning generates that do not exist in nature; also a chimeric molecule

recombinant protein
Glossaries - Biology glossary

a gene's protein product derived by molecular cloning

recombination frequency
Glossaries - Biology glossary

average number of crossovers between two alleles; observed as the number of nonparental types in a progeny's population

recombination nodules
Glossaries - Biology glossary

protein assemblies formed on the synaptonemal complex that mark the points of crossover events and mediate the multistep process of genetic recombination between nonsister chromatids

Glossaries - Biology glossary

process of opening airways that normally remain closed when the cardiac output increases

Glossaries - Biology glossary

area of the body where feces is stored until elimination

red blood cell
Glossaries - Biology glossary

small (7–8 μm) biconcave cell without mitochondria (and in mammals without nuclei) that is packed with hemoglobin, giving the cell its red color; transports oxygen through the body

redox reaction
Glossaries - Biology glossary

chemical reaction that consists of the coupling of an oxidation reaction and a reduction reaction

Glossaries - Biology glossary

gain of electron(s) by an atom or molecule