Usually, when someone mentions that their back brace is warm, this is not a good thing. Neotech, however, has managed to use this quirk in back braces to create something unique and make the heat work toward the ultimate goal of back relief.

Price: $21.99
Product Fit: This product is measured by the belly button. Small covers 26-29.5 inches, Medium covers 29-35.5 inches, Large covers 35.5-40 inches, XL covers 40-44.5 inches, XXL covers 44.5-49 inches, and XXXL covers 49-57 inches.
Guarantee: None
Color: Back
Notable Features: Wide back, slim and discreet

What’s Great About Neotech Care Back Brace – Lumbar Support – Back Support Belt

Wide Back: The design of the Neotech is one that is much wider in the back and narrows as it wraps around your torso. This provides a larger area of coverage without the problems that come with a larger brace.

Flexible: The design of this brace offers zero rigidity and gives the advantage of full range of motion uninterrupted. There is also no metal to be found in it, which means that you’re not going to have any problems in the future with your frame sticking out.

Comfortable and Discreet: One of the most impressive features according to its wearers is that this back brace is extremely comfortable, and will not be showing itself very much, if at all, under your tee. That means that longer wear is possible, which has its advantages.

What’s Not Great About Neotech Care Back Brace – Lumbar Support – Back Support Belt

Sizing Is Not Consistent: The sizing chart, according to some users, is not as accurate as they like. It will be wise to order a size up if you are considering this brace, as it can get very tight, even if you fall in the range offered, though be aware that someone with a 40-inch waist had attempted the XL and discovered it was far too big. It makes things a little hard to predict when you are ordering your brace.

The Velcro: As with other Velcro belts, people are discovering that after a while, the Velcro is not sticking anymore. If you are crafty, you can make this work anyway, but in the end, do you really want to purchase a back brace that you will have to replace the Velcro on every couple of months?

Not Good For More Serious Issues: If you are looking for relief after a surgery, then this might not be the best option for you. It would seem that it works well for people with more mild aches in their back, however, so if you are looking for a little bit of support, this might be a better option than some of the heavier-duty ones.

Is The Neotech Care Back Brace – Lumbar Support – Back Support Belt A Great Purchase?

When you are in doubt of an item, it’s best to look at the reviews for any red flags, and when you come across the “not able to return” issue, things are getting a little serious.

Most of the complaints are with the inconsistencies in the sizing chart revealing that you cannot return this brace to the seller if it is not a good fit, and with something like a sizing chart inconsistency, it’s going to be a gamble to see if you get the right thing.

In addition, if the Velcro ends up dying quickly, you still can’t return it, and your only choice is to repair it if you want to keep wearing it, and as of March 2017, there seems to be note of a manufacturing issue that is causing the material itself to rip. When you cannot return an item and these issues are being recorded, it definitely becomes a buyer beware. If you are looking for a second opinion? Listen to your gut. There is no need to waste your money if you are not willing to put in the effort to try to keep this brace working, and chances are, if your back pain is only as mild as this brace can handle, you’re better off getting something that will last a little longer for the same price.


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