Many people around the world wake up with the craving need for coffee to get themselves started. People love to have coffee not only because it has a rich taste and a striking aroma, but also because of the boost they get from the caffeine content. Caffeine is also found in energy drinks and in sodas to give us a quick and immediate energy boost and increases our alertness for a short period of time. Based on scientific research, caffeine, when taken in small doses, is harmless but when there is excessive intake, our health can deteriorate.

Caffeine Risk Factors

If a person excessively consumes beverages that contain caffeine, this can lead to side effects like regular headaches and momentarily losing focus. This is because the body begins to crave for caffeine. When a person stops ingesting it, the body reacts back by causing pain and discomfort. If you think you are a potential caffeine addict, then you may need to reduce caffeine intake immediately. The tell-tale signs of a coffee or caffeine addict are bad breath, yellow teeth, and the person being easily agitated. 

Getting rid of caffeine is not easy, especially for those who rely on drinks like sodas and coffee to get instant energy. Although getting yourself or someone else out of the habit of having caffeine will not require the aid of a rehabilitation center, you will need to control yourself when the withdrawal symptoms come.

When the body is addicted to the caffeine, it begins to demand it more and more. During this state, if you choose to not comply and try to stop yourself from drinking caffeinated drinks completely, the body will begin sending out pain signals. You will find that you have become short tempered and will possibly get regular bouts of headaches. This is part of the cleansing process for your body to get rid of the toxins and overcoming the effects of caffeine.

Getting Your Life Back By Kicking Caffeine Completely

To improve our lifestyle there are many ways to remove caffeine in our diet plan. As an alternative to drinking coffee or soda, you can instead drink juices that are made from fruits like apple, orange and banana or vegetables. Blended vegetables like carrots and tomato are also good alternatives to caffeine as they help to rehydrate the body with water and provide us with vitamins and minerals that we desperately need for our body functions. 

The instantaneous energy boost provided by caffeine-containing drinks, like coffee and soda only lasts for a short period of time. The psychological ‘crash’ that you experience will put you in a sudden mood swing.

One moment you will feel as energetic as a young teenager and the next moment you are irritable and feel like you cannot wait till you get another sip of coffee. This is a vicious cycle that becomes harder and harder to escape once you are caught in this downward spiral.

Be proactive today and start stopping yourself from excessive coffee intake. Eating food which is rich in nutrients ensures that you remain active and alert all day long. This is a much healthier alternative compared to relying on caffeine for that same energy. In the long run, you will be leading a healthier lifestyle, free from the grips of caffeine addiction. 

If you are a coffee or soda addict, removing it from your diet regimen is one of the hardest diet tasks you will ever have to do, but it is also is very beneficial for you. Not only your body will be toxin free, you will free from the side effects of caffeine. You will live a better life without any caffeine in your body. If you do intend leave this habit, you will need to first consult your physician to ensure that you are doing it the right way. It would be unwise to suddenly cut your daily supply if you are an addict because this may cause your body to go into a caffeine induced shock. Start slow and you will be caffeine free soon.

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