What is ganglion? In anatomy, a ganglion is a biological mass of tissues of our body which considered as the main factor that causes mild aching sensations in the wrists, joints, and tendons, when swollen.

What is ganglion cyst? A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled jelly-like substance that is commonly located near the joints and the tendons in the wrists, fingers, and feet. It has a spongy or firm liquid sac. It has also a clear, sticky, and thick fluid inside.  Actually, the real cause of ganglion cysts is unknown. These are benign in nature and normally, people with ganglion cysts don't undergo medical interventions knowing that these cysts will just disappear.


Women are prone of having ganglion cysts than men. It is also studied that those who have repetitive movements in their hands, wrists, and feet, those who have diseases in their tendons and joints, and those who have illnesses in the bones like osteoarthritis, are at higher risk of developing ganglion cysts.

However, these cysts can disappear and reappear any time. It might be firm, soft, and it might also differ in size. Sometimes, these ganglion cysts can cause mild pain and numbness. This happens soon after the ganglion cyst presses the nerves.

Physical examination is enough in diagnosing ganglion cysts. Some instances, the doctor may recommend other types of diagnostic and imaging test like MRI or the magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, and x-rays to examine more on the characteristics of the ganglion cyst. Aspiration technique is the best way to confirm the medical problem which a physician uses a syringe to excise a small amount of fluid from the cyst before it will be sent to the laboratory for examination.

In addition, the needle and the syringe used in removing the fluid inside the cysts is also used in eradicating the entire cyst by means of a surgical procedure. Soon after the aspiration is done, a steroid is injected to treat inflammation. Take note, it is no guarantee that the ganglion cysts will permanently disappear after the procedure.

Many still would ask what is ganglion, what is a ganglion cyst, and what are the treatments made to cure this medical condition. As you can see, ganglion cysts don't have any known cause and there were recommended standard measures to avoid the development of the cysts, but its very significant for us to maintain a healthy life just like exercising regularly, for us to attain optimum circulation of the blood and thus maintain a good physical shape.

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