Do you have a low fitness budget but still want to keep fit? Well, cardio exercises are the way to go.

Considered one of the most important components in any fitness program, cardio exercises offer you a variety of benefits. These include a healthy heart, increased energy, improved muscle tone and better sleep, just to name a few. Defined as any form of physical activity that increases heart rate and blood circulation, cardio exercises come in many forms. The following are five low cost cardio exercises that deliver amazing results.

Exercise 1 – Cycling

Cycling is a fun cardio exercise that costs very little, as you can just pick up a second hand bike at a great price and then you’re good to go. With cycling, you can schedule a certain time of the day to go riding or incorporate the exercise into your daily routines like riding your bike to and from work. Regardless of which option you choose, cycling on a daily basis will help you burn calories, improve leg strength and tone your leg muscles.

Exercise 2 – Jump Rope

Jump rope is an easy and inexpensive exercise that you can do anywhere. This exercise targets a wide range of muscles in both your upper and lower body. Jumping rope for at least 30 minutes each day will strengthen and tone the muscles in your shoulders, core, arms, chest, thighs, back and legs. In addition, jumping rope boosts cardiovascular health, burns a lot of calories, improves your agility, enhances your coordination and increases your overall endurance. The great thing about jumping rope is that you can pick up a high quality jump rope for as little as $5 and use it to enjoy all the benefits above.

Exercise 3 – Running

All that is required for this high-impact cardio exercise is an investment in some good running shoes. It’s important that you buy good quality shoes as they will help cushion you against the impact of running, especially when you’re speeding over rough terrain. When done daily for about 30 to 60 minutes, running helps maintain a healthy weight as it burns a lot of calories. Aside from that, running also improves heart health, adds years to your life, improves brain health, improves mood and strengthens your bones, joints and muscles.

Exercise 4 – Swimming

Swimming is a low-cost exercise that offers you a cool way to get fit. This exercise works your whole body but mostly targets your back, shoulder and arm muscles. Swimming also improves your flexibility, builds endurance, keeps your heart rate up and helps you maintain a healthy weight. The best time to go swimming is during off peak hours as you can often swim for around $1 during these times.

Exercise 5 – Walking

Walking is a safe exercise with minimum injury risk and can therefore be done by anyone including pregnant women and older people. The only investment required for this low-impact exercise is good walking shoes while the benefits are stronger leg muscles, lower blood pressure, weight reduction and better heart fitness. The best way to perform this cardio exercise is to walk daily at moderate intensity for 30 minutes or more.


If you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t afford to workout, you can use these exercises to shatter your excuses and boost your cardiovascular fitness today. Either choose one exercise to perform multiple times during the week or mix it up and do a mixture of these low cost cardio exercises throughout the week to add variety to your routine.

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