Cataract Surgery




Cataract is an opacity or cloudiness of the eye’s crystalline lens and is usually experienced by adults. The cloudiness results to poor vision and eventual blindness. Many individuals all over the world are trapped within this condition, and most are aspiring for best possible treatments and relief. The common symptoms of cataract include blurry and cloudy vision, dim vision, difficulty in night vision, oversensitivity to light and more. Cataract symptoms are influenced by the location of the cataract in the lens of the eyes.


Cataract is also caused by vitamin deficiency, intense exposure to ultraviolet rays, eye disease or trauma, medications and more. This is a common eye problem affecting thousands of individuals whose age is 40 years old and above. Based on studies, the risk for getting this particular eye problem increases when individuals get older. This is also considered as one of the major causes of blindness that is common globally.

Cataract might pose negative effects to patients and may somehow affect their usual daily routine. Good thing is that there are best possible treatments that patients can consider. This is a treatable condition and can be completely overcome with the aid of medications and surgeries. Cataract surgery is a recommended procedure that is undertaken by licensed surgeons. Under this surgery, the natural cloudy lens of the eyes are removed and replaced by an artificial lens.

Cataract surgery is typically performed by surgeons as an outpatient procedure. Patients are not really required to stay in the hospital or clinic over night. This surgery primarily intends to help individuals see clearer and better. Before the cataract surgery, the eyes of the patient are measured through A-scan. An ophthalmologist asks patients if they are taking nutritional supplements and medications before the cataract surgery to avoid complications.

The lens removal will depend on the type of cataract present in a patient. This can be done by utilizing special suctions and tools, ultrasonic energy or sound waves, and latest laser methods to perform precise cuts. An artificial lens is placed in the eyes to improve the patients’ vision. Many cataract sufferers prefer cataract surgery because this guarantees quick and effective results.

Cataract seems to be painless, but once the vision is seriously affected and compromised, a cataract surgery is highly recommended. Patients must realize that though surgery can be the best possible solution, this is associated with some risks. The risks include bleeding and infection but this happens very rare. When you decide to undergo a cataract surgery, you need to make sure that you submit for a complete eye test and the procedure must be handled by an expert specializing in eye health.

Cataract surgery is a safe procedure, and this has been performed even during the earliest decades. This type of surgery is also known as phacoemulsification. This procedure typically last for about 20 minutes and after the surgery patients can expect for a vision restoration. Patients are allowed to return to their homes after the surgery, and they are advised to follow essential reminders for complete recovery.




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