Cellulitis is those lumps and bumps on the thighs, buttocks, stomach and upper arms that drive women crazy.  They keep many women off the beach and dictate the type of clothing they wear. American women spend over 1 million dollars each year on treatments and therapies to get rid of cellulitis.  One treatment is the use of cellulitis laser.

Cellulitis is caused by the tightening of fibrous bands called septae that drive the subcutaneous fat cells to the surfaces causing that orange peel or cottage cheese look.

One new treatment, in the ever-expanding therapies to find a permanent way of getting rid of cellulitis, is cellulitis laser treatments and ultrasound tools.  Ultrasound was first used as a non-invasive technique for bodily exams such as monitoring unborn babies. Later the power was turned up and aimed at kidney stones to crush them and avoid painful surgery.  Now ultrasound is aimed as a fat removal system based on focused light energy below the skin surface. Heat up the fat cells, break the cell membranes and mechanically massage the area to speed up the natural drainage and elimination.

Another type of cellulitis laser treatment is radio frequency cellulitis removal.  In this technique, the radio frequencies target body fat to eliminate the build-up with post-operative compression garments.  Radiofrequency heats up the fat cells about 5 degrees. The supporting blood and lymphatic supply are stimulated; the cell membranes of the fat cells break and the fat is allegedly captured and carried off by the lymphatic system.

In the light energy cellulitis laser treatments, the exact nature of the how it works isn't completely understood.  It is a modified laser that features a low impact non-surgical removal and body shaping technique. Allegedly the fat cells absorb the energy emitted by the laser until the cell membranes break down.  A new laser machine developed in Italy has made its way to the US - The DEKA - and reportedly is the ideal product to use in the laser treatment of cellulitis.

The DEKA machine uses a Tri-active technology where three different methods are applied and used separately.  It uses six lasers which reported stimulate microcirculation, a localized cooling system and a rhythmical massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  The company claims that the progressive stimulating and massaging action improves the biological means to eliminate cellulitis and restore the connective tissue.

Cellulitis laser treatments are also being investigated for use in conjunction with Endermologie so the laser softens the tissue before the Endermologie massage or prior to or after liposuction to improve the effects.  Cellulitis laser treatment holds great promise to women who are sick and tired of the cottage cheese look of their thighs and buttocks and once again want to hit the beach. In order to see optimum results several sessions are required - which can get pricey.  Once you gain weight again or go back to an unhealthy lifestyle the cellulitis returns.

Cellulitis laser treatment is a viable option for women who are interested in the total removal of the cellulitis fat cells in their buttocks, thighs, upper arms and stomach.  Although it may require maintenance the results could be well worth it.

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