Is there cellulitis in men?  Or do just women have this particular problem?  Look around at your male friends, family members, and beach partners.  Is there cellulitis in men? You may not notice any, and there is a reason why.

Cellulitis is a condition in which fat cells are squeezed together by constricting bands of tissue beneath the skin.  This causes the lumps and cottage cheese look to the skin over the thighs, upper arms, buttocks, and stomachs of most women.  cellulitis makes its appearance in over 80% of women. It can affect the self-esteem and feelings of well being of the people it affects.


Women's thin skin and the effect of estrogen and progesterone make women more prone than men to cellulitis.  The estrogen released during the latter stages of pregnancy helps to relax the cervix and get the body ready for birth also breaks collagen tissue apart making the formation of cellulitis easy.  Progesterone also helps to retain fluid, which can increase the problems with cellulitis.

Cellulitis also tends to develop in times of hormonal surges such as PMS, puberty, menopause, and pregnancy.  When cellulitis develops the fat cells are forced to the surface of the subcutaneous fat and the septae or connective tissue goes deeper.

In men, the fibrous tissue is formed differently.  In women, the tissue crosses forming an 'X' while in men they are perpendicular to the skin.  And the fibrous connective tissue in women tends to be much tighter than men's which causes pulling on the skin and contributes to the dimpling effect.

Even most obese men often do not have cellulitis.  Women also have less collagen in their skin, which makes it easier to see the cellulitis.  But although women are more prone men are not immune.

Doctors don't really know why some women get more than others ' they can only estimate ' in part because there are no standardized ways of measuring cellulitis.  Women do tend to lay down more fat tissue than men to support the unique physical needs of women. In past years cellulitis was something that women flaunted ' hard to imagine!  Today women and men who suffer from cellulitis make decisions about what they'll wear based on whether their cellulitis will make an appearance it the clothing.

It is unclear if the future holds a cure for cellulitis.  If there were a consistent cure now that was completely cost effective then there would be no women or men with cellulitis.  There are treatments that are effective but not necessarily cost effective or quickly and easily accomplished.

Although the question of cellulitis in men is easily answered the question of how to treat the cellulitis isn't as simply remedied.

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