This is for those people with Cellulitis or those who desire to prevent it: you are advised to go on a detoxifying diet, including in it many fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding black tea, iced tea, coffee and alcohol.

The canned foods also need to be forbidden. Important aspects to have an eye on are the water retainer alimentary substances, which can increase the problem of having Cellulitis. An example can be the sodium, existing in great amounts in the salt and gravies like Chinese shoyu. Lactose (sugar of milk) can provide the same effect, so it also has to be consumed with moderation. Choose yoghurts and cheeses that possess reduced lactose. It is also important to reduce the fat on the diet, since it contributes for the increase of cells that produce the adipose tissue, consequently leading to weight gaining, and this is extremely related with the advance of the Cellulitis. Associated to a balanced diet, you must practice exercises regularly.

You should rather food that contain vitamins, fibres, minerals and fewer calories, since they regulate the process of energy production in the system, besides diminishing the absorption of fat of foods and controlling the restoration of tissues, keeping your skin healthy and stunning.

Drinking water is another very important item to acknowledge. You must drink per day, minimum two litres to hydrate the body; this procedure assesses the kidneys in the toxin elimination and assists in the treatment for Cellulitis. Here’s a hot tip: besides all these benefits for your body, it fools the stomach by giving it a sensation of satisfaction of already eaten before.

Have a lot of meals in small portions during the day. It makes the digestion easier. You will have less appetite and your organism will have less fat to deposit on those spots we most hate, like thighs, hips, bum, etc.

Be sure to chew properly and slowly. This will slow down the digestion, meaning that the stomach will take longer to send the brain the message of the digestion, diminishing your motivation and will to eat more.

Some extra tips to prevent Cellulitis

  • Lean protein sources must be consumed, for example, the egg white, white meat (such as chicken and fish meat) and lean red meat (filet mignon). Instead of fried meals, you can replace it with a grilled or baked preparation.
  • Avoid food with too much fat, such as greasy pizzas, gravies, cheese, filled bread and cookies, buttered biscuits, ice-cream, etc.
  • Choose to have food that lacks refined sugar. Some of these are the pasta, potatoes, and fruits. If you feel like eating a candy, prefer a cereal bar.
  • Avoid using excessive oil during the preparation of the food.
  • Foods containing mostly fiber are great sources of energy and help to diminish the absorption of fat, besides contributing to the regulation of the intestine.
  • Try to choose eating foods that do not contain salt in its formula, like the diet cookies, margarine without salt, vegetables and natural seasons and spices, for the same reasons mentioned previously about the consequences of having too much salt.
  • If you prepare a meal, do not add too much salt during its preparation neither after it’s ready. Here’s an advice: do not place the saltcellar on the table to start with!
  • Do not take sodas and alcoholic beverages, because they only provide calories and possess no nutritional value. Prefer juices or water.
  • Practice aerobic physical exercises, like jogging, riding bicycle and swimming; these sorts of exercises help to burn fat and calories, consequently decreasing the Cellulitis.

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