You need to fall in love with walking for fitness as opposed to driving all time. Don’t get it wrong, walking or running and swimming are still fun, but there is much to be said about walking with your kids. The fact that it counts as a slightly intensive exercise if you walk briskly makes it even more likable, especially for the younger ones. The walking habit can as well be a mid-day activity, particularly during winter since you do not break to a huge sweat that may necessitate a shower after that. Additionally, you can multi-task with your kids during a walk; you can take your pooch with you, make a phone call, go with a friend or even listen to audio stories with your kids.

Healthy fact: Experts recommend that each family undertake at least 130 minutes of discreetly intense every week. Evidently, if you take your kids for a 20-minute walk daily, you will exceed the minimum.

Indeed, walking instead of driving will go from being a daily chore- Walking to the grocery across the road to something fun and pleasant.

Here is how to build a walking instead of driving habits with kids,

Healthy managing mechanism: You need to walk with your children as part of your morning routine to aid in strengthening your friendship with your kids. You can as well use walking as a part of winding down after a busy day at work, and school for kids. Itis healthier managing mechanism for stress than slamming a glass of wine or watching animations for kids.

Ditch the car by all means: If you stay in a stone throw away neighborhood, teach your kids to walk daily errands. You can walk to themarket, school, the bank, and shops. While driving would usually be faster and easier, when you walk to your errands, you’re killing two birds with a single stone, which makes you and your children feel more productive.

Taking into consideration multi-tasking: While you may love the aspect of zoning out while walking, one of the sure ways to motivate your kids for walking instead of driving is the multi-tasking promise. Use your walking as an opportunity to listen to your kid’s school encounters as well get to know their daily challenges. Moreover, you can use the opportunity to listen to a story on a tape.  Alternatively, you can as well use the opportunity to call your friends as the kids take in the story. It’s also prudent to carry a little notebook with you to note down business or project ideas may come to as you walk. 

Take a walk with the kids before television: Make sure you squeeze in evening walk before turn over on the television. Take along your children and use the chance to catch up on your days. If you sit on the couch and start watching your favorite programs, it will be all over; you’re all not getting back up until sleep time.

Walking can be quicker than driving: Most people underestimate the time they devote driving. You may think a ten-minute journey may take 2 minutes, not considering the unavoidable time involved. Adding up time spent looking for the car keys, defrosting the car, filling up with gas and walking to and from the car park. And comparing that with a simple walk from point A to B. Even if it takes a little longer to walk, remember the issue is the extra minutes spent in walking and not the total walking time. Evidently, it only costs you a few minutes more in a day to walk with your children to the grocery or shop instead of driving.

It is free: The inclination of having something for free while others pay for it is much different from benefiting from money saving, it is even better. Walking with your kids is indeed free and satisfactory.

In conclusion, everyone knows the benefits of walking instead of driving, but most people have developed ways of ignoring what is best for them and their families. As a result, we should always remind ourselves reason for walking as well as how to make it fun and pleasant!


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