baby constipation

Normally, new mothers encounter baby constipation problems. It is very unsettling to see babies crying most of the time due to stomach cramps caused by hard stool and bloated tummy. Usually, there is too much effort exerted when baby constipation happens because the stool is hard to eliminate. In order to prevent your baby from suffering constipation, it is recommended that you learn how constipation develops in babies. As soon as a baby is born, they are fed with milk- bottled or breast fed. As early as this stage, baby constipation can already happen especially when they are bottle-fed according to some research findings. It is also possible that the baby is already lactose intolerant from the start. There are also cases wherein the baby is already lactose-intolerant from the start. Thus, breast–feeding must be practiced if possible to prevent baby constipation issues.


As the baby grows, the diet also changes especially when solid food is already introduced. When the baby's digestive system begins processing solid food, it is very likely for the child to become constipated due to the changes. In addition, causes of baby constipation maybe traced to: too much dairy products, low fiber food, bananas, applesauce, pasta, cereals and even potatoes.

Never include in the diet any form of carbohydrate since these cause bloating and stomach ache.A good suggestion is to dilute prune or apple juice with water. The baby can drink this twice a day. One of the natural remedies for baby constipation is prunes; these fibrous fruits really enhance the mechanics of the digestive system.

Baby constipation can be relieved by doing some tummy massage. You can simply massage the tummy using a circular clockwise motion. The massage can be done after giving the baby a warm bath. Some doctors also suggest that having the baby take a warm relaxing bath can ease the passing of stool. A little exercise such as walking can be helpful to get the baby's system moving.

Mothers should always keep watch of the baby's diet in order to avoid incidents of baby constipation. Also, mothers should look for more information online about baby constipation remedies so they can be updated. Lastly, schedule a check-up with the child's doctor as soon as symptoms become worse.





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