With the rising cost of dental services and a depressed economy, many people are skipping those twice-yearly visits to the dentist. Investing in high quality dental insurance is a smart way to incorporate dental health into your family's health insurance plan. Great dental insurance coverage even comes at prices that are much lower than most people imagine and procuring dental insurance should be one of those items on your to-do list this year.

One of the most crucial reasons to purchase dental insurance is to protect the overall health of your body. Improper dental care can lead to much more than gum disease or cavities. Recent studies published through Columbia University's School of Public Health have stated that periodontal disease often leads to compromised vascular health. In these studies, it has been shown that increased numbers of a specific type of bacteria found in the mouth will possibly lead to atherosclerosis of arteries in the neck, including the carotid artery. Atherosclerosis causes fatty deposits to stick to the inside walls of those arteries.

This process is sometimes referred to as "hardening of the arteries." The fatty deposits then narrow the interior walls of the artery and restrict the flow of blood to the brain. This process might lead to stroke or heart attack, depending on where the blood flow is restricted. 

Even if you overlook the links between periodontal disease and vascular disease, good dental health insurance offers many other health-saving benefits. Gum disease and tooth decay often lead to bone loss or infection when left untreated.

Those who own a dental insurance policy are much less likely to end up with severe gum disease later in life because they are able to afford routine dental visits. These same people are possibly protected from painful and costly tooth replacement due to gum disease. Bone grafting and denture manufacturing are often covered by a dental insurance policy, but it is undoubtedly best to avoid those alternatives to tooth loss. 

It does seem strange to imagine that dental insurance might save a life, but the point is proven time and time again. People who have dental insurance are much more likely to schedule and maintain their regular dental visits. These same people are able to visit the dentist at the first sign of a dental health issue rather than waiting until the issue is too painful to tolerate.

Good dental insurance saves the policyholder money and promotes peace of mind when it comes to dental emergencies. A well-balanced policy will cover both routine and emergency visits, and some even cover cosmetic procedures. Buying and maintaining a dental insurance policy is an invaluable way to keep up with routine dental care. That very same dental insurance is also an incomparable way to protect your family's overall health for a lifetime. 

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