If you want to lose weight, exercise classes are an excellent choice. They’re fun, intense, efficient and by attending a class once or twice per week, you can easily blast through over 100 calories per day. In this article I’m going to be showing you how to do exactly that by listing five of the top calorie burning exercise classes.

  1. Kettlebell Class

Calories Burned Per Hour = 1,000

Classes Per Week To Burn 100+ Calories Per Day = 1

Kettlebell classes give you an intense cardiovascular workout and build functional strength at the same time. The flowing and dynamic nature of kettlebell movements means that they also build up your balance, coordination and flexibility as you workout. Just one kettlebell class per week will allow you to blast through over 100 calories per day.

  1. Zumba Class

Calories Burned Per Hour = 500-1,000

Classes Per Week To Burn 100+ Calories Per Day = 1-2

Zumba class is a dance infused exercise class and one of the most popular fitness classes around. It’s fun, social, fast paced and will get your heart beating in a matter of minutes. In terms of calories burned, a Zumba class burns anywhere between 500 and 1,000 calories per hour, depending upon the class intensity. This means by doing two low intensity or one high intensity Zumba class each week, you can achieve your 100 calories per day target.

  1. Kickboxing Class

Calories Burned Per Hour = 800

Classes Per Week To Burn 100+ Calories Per Day = 1

If you’re a martial arts fan, kickboxing classes offer the perfect blend of fitness and skill. The kicking and punching aspects of the class help improve your fighting technique while also improving your balance and coordination. The rapid pace of kickboxing classes also make them highly efficient calorie burners and with just a single kickboxing class per week you’ll work off 100 daily calories.

  1. Spinning Class

Calories Burned Per Hour = 700

Classes Per Week To Burn 100+ Calories Per Day = 1

If you’re looking for a lower impact exercise class, spinning is the perfect choice. It involves constantly cycling at various speeds and burns through an impressive 700 calories per hour. It also tones and strengthens the muscles in your lower body while placing very little pressure on your joints. You can burn 100 calories per day with spinning by attending just one class a week.

  1. Step Aerobics

Calories Burned Per Hour = 600

Classes Per Week To Burn 100+ Calories Per Day = 2

Step aerobics is another high powered exercise class that makes full use of an aerobics step to perform various routines and calorie burning moves. It’s very easy to pick up and plenty of fun which means the class flies by. An hour long step aerobics class blasts through 600 calories, so by doing two classes per week you can work off well over 100 calories per day.


If you want to blast through some extra calories and lose weight, all five of these exercise classes will help you achieve your goals. So pick the one you like the best, sign up and start increasing the amount of daily calories you burn right now.

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