joomplu:28A lot of people have been bombarded with warnings and advice about the heart and how to prevent heart disease that they sometimes no longer listen.  Or it is simply because the mere mention of the words heart disease, coronary artery disease, coronary heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, does not mean anything because you don’t know what these conditions mean and how exactly they can be destructive to health.  What’s the difference anyway?

These heart disease terms are in one way or another related because of the chain of effects they have on one another.  Understanding the different heart disease definition and how they are mostly used can help you sort through the mess.  Knowing more about the various types of heart disease definition and the destruction they do to your body will better incline you to take steps to prevent them. Here are some different types of heart disease definition:

Atherosclerosis Heart Disease Definition

Atherosclerosis is the major form of heart disease and over one half of deaths in the US are a direct or indirect result of this heart disease.  In Artherosclerosis, there is a buildup of fatty deposits on the inner wall of the coronary arteries called plaque which is a porridge-like gathering of cholesterol and their compounds within a fibrous coat and is very hazardous.

Coronary Heart Disease Definition

Coronary heart disease happens when some of the arteries that carry blood to the heart muscle become narrowed with fatty deposits called plaque which is composed of cholesterol and fats building up on the wall of the coronary arteries.  Narrowed arteries results to the heart not fully supplied with the oxygen and other nutrients it needs, and if the artery becomes severely blocked, heart attack occurs.

Rheumatic Heart Disease Definition

Rheumatic heart disease involves the damage to the entire heart and membranes and is a result of a complication of rheumatic fever occurring after attacks of rheumatic fever.  

Congenital Heart Disease Definition

Congenital heart defects are defects of the heart present at birth. In congenital heart condition, the problem is present shortly after birth that causes problems for newborns.  Infants with severe acyanotic varieties of congenital hear disease may fail to succeed and may have breathing difficulties.

Myocarditis Heart Disease Definition

Myocarditis is a degeneration or inflammation of the heart muscle that may be a complication during or after various bacterial, viral, or parasitic infectious diseases such as influenza, rubella, polio, or rheumatic fever.  It is often caused by a range of diseases such as goiter, endocarditis, syphilis, or hypertension, however it may appear as a primary disease in adults or degenerative disease of old age.

Arrhythmia Heart Disease Definition

Arrhythmias are abnormal rhythms of the heart that causes the heart to pump blood less efficiently.  Most temporary and benign arrhythmias are those where the heart skips a beat or has an extra beat which are often caused by strong emotions or exercise.  However some arrhythmias are life-threatening and require treatment.

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