Hypothyroidism is generally a lifetime illness that requires constant treatment using synthetic levothyroxine. The medication ensures that you have adequate amounts of thyroid hormones. If the disorder is left without treatment the low levels of thyroid hormone will harm the body, causing slow general metabolic rate. Listed below are a number of the consequences of an untreated instance of hypothyroidism.

The thyroid hormones are important in the functioning of the heart as they help in controlling the heart rate and output. Thyroid hormones relax the heart muscle tissues ensuring that it is capable to pump appropriate volume of blood around the body. Low levels of thyroid hormones is perilous to the heart as it may reduce the heart rate significantly. Because of this, the blood vessel walls become rigid and blood pressure rises and may result in hypertension.

For the brain, hypothyroidism can lead to depression due to its incapacitating consequences on those suffering from it. Left without treatment, it can also trigger the deterioration of the brain and result in dementia, wherein the person has a hard time focusing and recalling past events.

The reproduction system is additionally at risk when hypothyroidism is left untreated. For women, it can affect the ovulation process resulting in unusual menstrual cycles. Women that are pregnant with hypothyroidism confronts a huge danger of miscarriage. It may also compromise the development of the fetus. Therefore, it may cause birth defects in children born to mothers with hypothyroidism and result in their stunted developmental growth.

The worse case scenario for an neglected instance of hypothyroidism is a serious, life-threatening state called myxedema coma. The symptoms of this condition are hypothermia, decreasing the functioning of the lung, constipation, delirium, urine retention, slow heart rate, stupor, seizures, fluid formation, and eventually coma. It is a rare state which can be activated by experiencing intense stress like surgery, infections, heart failure, stroke, trauma and extreme cold. Other medicines like amiodarone, lithium, tranquilizers, and phenothiazines, as well as continuous iodine exposure, may also result in this condition. Myxedema coma is an emergency state and immediate hospital treatment is very necessary. Although it is a rare condition, mortality rates are very high, which range from 30% to 60% with older patients.


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