In case you and your partner are having troubles with pregnancy, it is likely that one or both of you posses a medical condition we know as infertility. Though one would probably have to take extensive physical examinations and tests, there are great chances that what you are suffering from for the present will be treated if only you take the necessary steps of seeking treatment.


In this article, we will discuss several key points in making your decision for facilitating infertility tests firmer. Please read on and consider the following:

For couples who are aged 30 years old and below, it is most likely that your physician would recommend you to wait for another year. Use this time to check and see if you truly are infertile. Maintain a well-timed unprotected sexual intercourse. If nothing happens within that span of time, it would be best that you seek your doctor's assistance immediately.

Why wait for one year?

Well, obviously one year would be the parameter for rechecking the validity of the possible diagnosis in the future. Fertility is marked by the absence of conception within a year. Now, if for years you and your partner weren't successful in producing a single pregnancy or if for sometime you have been experiencing miscarriages, you are possibly a patient of infertility.

If, however, you and your partner are already past 35 years old, the best thing you can do is to maximize the time you have. This will then limit the possibility that any age-associated infertility conditions will make your problems worse.

Infertility tests, examinations and treatments are difficult, physically taxing and very expensive. Before you make the decision of pursuing treatment, it would be best that you prepare your willingness to seek the end of the treatment. Sometimes, you have to expect the worse case scenario.

Depending on your status, you will have to undergo one to several times of visiting the infertility clinic, take samples of your egg or sperm cells and hope with cross fingers that everything would end up right. But the result is normally unpredictable.

And even with the most sophisticated fertility tests and treatments, no one is still assured of the success of pregnancy, of birth or of rearing the offspring of your pains. Absolutely no one! Often, you have to endure many things before you truly arrive at the product of your efforts which typically ends up in pain. But once you and your partner are successful, you'll believe that all is worth it.


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