Back pain is common during a pregnancy because women are dealing with a lot of changes to their bodies. For example, not only is there the expected weight gain but there is also the shift in hormones. This makes it more difficult to do everything from sleep and bend over to even balance one’s self. Back pain can change a woman’s posture and really result in some serious pain. However, it is possible to cope and prevent it. The following are some tips for how to manage back pain during a pregnancy.

Strengthen the Back and Abdomen Muscles

The increased weight in the stomach and back area can often strain the back and abdomen muscles. This is why it is important to do stretches and exercises to guard against this. Things like yoga and swimming will no doubt help with this. Talk to a doctor before trying such activities to ensure that they really will help strengthen such muscles.

Change Sleeping Position

Sleeping on one’s back during a pregnancy can result in some serious back pain. This is why many experts suggest switching to a side position for sleeping. Investing in a pillow to hug or place between the legs during sleep will also help a woman avoid back pain and sleep more soundly throughout the night.

Change Your Shoes

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to wear high heels or pre-pregnancy shoes. Instead, it is important to invest in shoes that offer the right type of support. Sneakers and special arch and support shoes will help a person avoid back and foot pain.

Get Rest

It is important for a woman to get eight solid hours of sleep a night, if not more. This will alleviate a lot of back pain, especially if the woman is sleeping on her side. The biggest mistake women make is trying to do too much while pregnant. The additional weight, hormones, and stress will affect the back and abdomen muscles. This is why it is important to sit down and stay off of one’s feet if at all possible.

Avoid Bending Over

Bending over is not a smart idea, especially if a woman is far on in her pregnancy. This is why it is smart to try and squat rather than bend over. Additionally, people need to think about where they place things like groceries and cleaning supplies. Pregnant women should ask loved ones to place such necessities in higher shelves so that they are easier to grasp.

Some back pain is normal. However, there are ways to avoid serious issues so that one is not constantly in pain. Talking to a doctor, being smart about activity, and strengthening the back and abdomen muscles will have some serious long term benefits. This ensures a pregnancy is as easy as possible.

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