When you think you may be pregnant, your first worry is about the viability of that pregnancy. No one wants to miscarry or have a premature baby that does not survive. Even those that are caught unaware by pregnancy at least hope that baby will be healthy and happy. Sadly, not all pregnancies get very far, and some premature babies have not had long enough to grow within mom to live on the outside world. There are things that can go wrong with a pregnancy that hurt the baby in those ways, but there are things that can hurt mom too. That is why women should know tubal pregnancy symptoms, just in case this happens to them.


The woman most likely to have tubal pregnancy symptoms are the ones that have had their tubes 'tied' as a permanent form of birth control. This usually happens after they are sure that their family is complete, or if they had a baby and it almost cost them their lives. In that case, a further pregnancy is not a good idea. Though the tubes are often more than tied - they are basically mutilated - there are times when a pregnancy happens. Nature seems to find a way. The pregnancy is not viable, however, and is a tubal pregnancy that is dangerous to the mother.

Those that are still trying to start a family, or that are trying to add to their family, can also have tubal pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes, things just go wrong and the fertilized egg does not make it all the way down the fallopian tube to the uterus. In a normal pregnancy, the egg travels all the way down the tube into the uterus and then burrows into the lining there to grow. In a tubal pregnancy, the egg only goes so far down, remaining in the tube. Thus the pregnancy is doomed. A woman should know tubal pregnancy symptoms because she needs medical care if this were to happen.

The uterus can expand as the baby grows. This can not happen in the fallopian tube. As the egg divides and grows, it is going to take up too much space. Once it gets too big, it is going to cause the tube to burst open, which can cause internal bleeding and other complications that can be dangerous if not down right deadly to the mother. If a women even thinks that she is having tubal pregnancy symptoms, she should go to the emergency room as soon as possible so that she can get the medical attention she needs.

The tubal pregnancy symptoms that most women need to know are not unlike other pregnancy symptoms. They get a positive pregnancy test (though not always), and they may even start to feel sick and will miss a period. However, they generally start to feel a pain on either side of the uterus that will not let up and gradually gets worse. If this is the case, call your OB or the ER, whichever you think is best, and explain that you are having pain and tell them where it is. If the pain is bad, don't call anyone, go to the ER. A simple ultrasound can confirm a tubal pregnancy so it can be cleared up immediately.

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