dry skin

The skin functions as immunological and physical barrier against unwanted micro-organisms. The skin is also considered as an effective sensory tool helping individuals navigate their environment through touch. The skin is composed of different layers, and each layer has its distinct features and functions. This is probably the most important structure of the human body that is why individuals extend the best possible care for their skin. However, there are inevitable instances in life that individuals experience having dry skin.

According to dermatologists, dry skin is characterized by flaky skin patches. This particular condition of the skin might b due to dehydration or cold weather. It is essential to know the root cause of dry skin before you decide to engage in treatments. There are instances that dry skin is caused by harsh chemicals or allergic reactions. It is for this reason that individuals need to consult their dermatologists.

Fish oil and dry skin are being linked these days because of the beneficial role of fish oil in nourishing and restoring the skin. Some individuals state that dry skin is due to continuous use of creams and ointments, which is actually not true all the time. Dry skin occurs because the body lacks proper nutrition and essential fatty acids. If individuals have sufficient supply of fatty acids in their bloods, the skin will rarely become dry. If your skin is dry, it simply means that you lack fatty acids making yourself prone to other health problems.

Some individuals might be in confusion in figuring out the connection between fish oil and dry skin. For a clearer understanding, fish oil plays an essential role in rectifying skin problems such as dry skin. Based on studies, individuals who do not eat fish are likely the ones with dry skin. Eating healthy foods and taking at least one tablespoon of fish oil a day can help individuals get a smooth and glowing skin. Fish oils are also excellent sources of omega-3 acids, and taking fish oil orally is known to treat any skin problem.

Though fish oil can improve the condition of your skin, you also have to note that high doses of fish oil can also cause complications. Excessive fish oil intake can cause gastrointestinal distress and hemorrhagic stroke. You also have to be very careful when taking fish oil especially if you are taking herbs or medications for the reason that the oil may interact with these. It would be best to talk to your doctor and seek for advice for you to determine if consuming fish oil is right for you.

Having a dry skin is no longer stressing knowing that fish oil can help you finally say goodbye to this unwanted skin condition. Even without undergoing for expensive skin treatments, you can still have a clear, smooth and glowing skin with the help of fish oil. This is definitely an essential nutrient that can do wonders to your skin. The connection between fish oil and dry skin is now being looked up to by researchers and individuals who are in need for the ultimate solution for dry skin.

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