One of the most recent breakthroughs when it comes to stress management deal with emotional intelligence. It is therefore important to understand this concept and how you can utilize it to maximize stress relief results.


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is basically a type of skill that enables anyone to control their emotional state. For anyone dealing with stress, you are probably aware how emotions can worsen or relieve the stressful situation you are in. According to research studies, people who have managed to boost their emotional intelligence skills are better able to reduce stress levels in their lives.

Stress and Negative Emotions

Upon the onset of stress, the body undergoes various physiological changes that are later on manifested in physical form of symptoms of stress. But what is the ultimate source of stress that you are experiencing? Basically, it comes as a result of the negative emotions that is developing inside you. It comes as a result of the pressure that from your workplace, at home, or amongst your peers.

All of these emotions trigger biochemical events inside your body such that it is prompted to release cortisols or stress hormones, as well as adrenaline. The buildup of negative emotion can therefore either be a cause or effect of stress. Either way, it is unhealthy for you. In fact, it poses one at risk of developing serious conditions such as high blood pressure and an increase in heart rate. You can therefore get additional motivation to combat the signs of stress.

Enforcing Positive Emotions

Now that you realize the potential harm brought about by the presence of negative emotions in your life, it is important to transform them into something positive. This will serve to counteract the effects of negative emotion in your health and social relationships.

You can do this by promoting positive emotions. While negative emotions can risk you of developing harmful health conditions, promoting positivity can boost the supply of DHEA or anti-aging hormone in your body. This is produced out of the same precursor that will respond to the emotional state of the body. So, whether you are suffering from a positive or negative emotion, it will its own corresponding effect on your physiological and emotional state.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Skills

Although the benefits of enhancing emotional intelligence in stress management has been established, actually doing this is a different thing altogether. This is challenging with the constant assault of stressors in one's everyday life. Here are some techniques to help you boost emotional intelligence:

  • Take time to establish direct awareness of your body parts each day. This will help establish more awareness about what you truly feel inside.
  • Set aside time to meditate. You can develop high emotional intelligence with constant practice of meditation.
  • Adapt a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you are physically healthy, it becomes easier to deal with your emotions.
  • Write a journal. This is a great method for exploring your emotional state to see patterns and be able to have more control over how you feel.

Make sure you practice the above techniques often to boost your emotional intelligence skills and attain effective stress management ability.

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