The coronary artery of the stomach (coronaria ventriculi ; French : coronaire stomachique), the smallest of the three visceral branches derived from the coeliac artery, inclines upwards, and to the left side, to reach the cardiac orifice of the stomach.

At this point some branches are sent upwards on the oesophagus , which communicate with the aortic oesophageal arteries ; others pass before and behind the cardiac extremity of the stomach, and join with branches of the splenic artery. The continuation of the vessel lies between the layers of the smaller omentum, and inclining from left to right along the upper curvature of the stomach, gives branches to its coats, and inosculates with the pyloric branch of the hepatic artery. The coronary artery of the stomach is sometimes given off directly from the aorta; and is occasionally represented by two separate vessels. It sometimes furnishes an additional hepatic artery.  

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