After nearly nine months of pregnancy, people are often ready to give birth. The day of labor is one that is anticipated by everyone from the father to friends and family members. However, it is important to develop a plan for this day, whether it’s planned or not. This ensures that a woman’s labor and delivery preferences are known, that everyone knows what is expected of them, and that decisions don’t have to be made in the moment. Why make important decisions about birth when one is in pain, excited, and has adrenaline running through their veins? Having a plan makes the day of labor that much easier to manage and much less stressful. The following are some things to consider when developing a birth or labor plan for the family.

Transportation and Communication

When the time comes, one should already have a bag packed for the hospital. This bag should not only include clothes and necessities but also important paperwork like insurance and emergency contact cards. This bag can then be easily brought along with the mother. A plan should be put into place regarding who will drive the woman to the hospital, who will be in charge of contacting the family, and who will do things like take care of any children or pets that may be in the house.

Plan for Birth

Before the day comes, one should know how they want to manage their labor. This means understanding if a Cesarean or C-Section is a possibility, whether or not the woman wants any pain medication, and who should be allowed in the room, if anyone. The names of the doctors and loved ones should be mesmerized, too. Having loved ones understand the plan will be beneficial if the woman is unable to communicate for any reason or if last minute decisions need to be made. The woman and her family should also know whether or not they want the labor to be induced if it takes a long time.

Documentation of the Birth

Some women truly want every moment of the birth to be documented with photographs and videos whereas others want only an image before and after the birth happens. This is important to discuss well before the labor happens. Some women will also want specific things in their hospital room: music, candles, images, etc. Knowing what should be brought along and how this birth will be documented ensures that all bases are covered. This is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. It’s important to carefully plan it.

When building this birth plan, it is important for a woman to talk to her partner, family, and friends. One’s doctor may have great ideas, too. A lot of people come together for such a birth. This is why it is so important to consider every detail and possibility. The more specific the plan, the more prepared people will be.

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