Cardio exercise

Do you have a low fitness budget but still want to keep fit? Well, cardio exercises are the way to go.

Cardio machines are a great tool for improving your cardiovascular fitness indoors and protecting yourself against many common cardio injuries.

If you’re not a fan of running on the treadmill or working out alone, sports are a top tool for increasing your cardiovascular fitness. They’re fun, social and have a unique competitive element. This post will highlight five of the best sports for firing up your cardiovascular fitness.

Outdoor cardio exercises are a great way to strengthen your heart, lungs and vascular system while also enjoying the great outdoors and topping up your vitamin D levels. This post will outline five of the best outdoor cardio exercises that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

Cost is one of the biggest obstacles people have when trying to improve their cardiovascular fitness. They’re willing to do the work but simply can’t afford to purchase an exercise bike, treadmill or gym membership. The good news is that cardio doesn’t have to be expensive and many cardio exercises require no equipment at all. This post will list five of the top no equipment cardio exercises you can use to boost your fitness on a budget.

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