If you’re not a fan of running on the treadmill or working out alone, sports are a top tool for increasing your cardiovascular fitness. They’re fun, social and have a unique competitive element. This post will highlight five of the best sports for firing up your cardiovascular fitness.

1 – Basketball

Basketball is a fun team cardio sport that blasts though 545 calories per hour. It also builds up your balance, coordination and reflexes. The main drawback of basketball is that it does involve a lot of jumping and sprinting which places pressure on your knees and can lead to joint pain and injuries.

2 – Boxing

Boxing is a combat based cardio sport that works off 613 calories per hour. It works your entire body and helps to strengthen and tone all your muscles while also improving your cardiovascular fitness. Boxing also improves your balance, coordination, reflexes and can be used practically to defend yourself outside the ring. The main disadvantage of boxing is that it’s very physically demanding and most of the time you’ll end your boxing workouts with a few bruises.

3 – Football

Football is an intense team based cardio sport that burns through 500 calories per hour. In addition to this, the nature of the game helps to strengthen all your muscles and develop raw, explosive power. The main downside to football is that since it’s a full contact sport it does have a relatively high injury risk.

4 – Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast paced team sport that requires accuracy, coordination, pace and skill. An hour of ice hockey uses up 564 calories per hour and also does a great job of building up the muscles in your legs. The main drawback of ice hockey is that it does require you to be a competent skater and move quickly and maintain your balance on the unforgiving ice.

5 – Soccer

Soccer is the best fat burning cardio team sport on this list and blasts through an impressive 681 calories per hour. In addition to its fat burning benefits, soccer also develops your balance, coordination and core stability. Plus, it’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The main disadvantage of soccer is that like football, it has a high injury risk with the ankles and knees being particularly susceptible to injuries.


With these five sports you can rapidly improve your cardiovascular fitness, blast through body fat and more. All you need to do is get a team together and you’re good to go. So choose your favorite sport, then ask your friends to play or find some willing participants at the gym and get a weekly game going.

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