When following a low carb diet, there’s still plenty of room for healthy, low calorie, nutrient packed carbohydrates. However, certain carbohydrates need to be avoided at all costs. In this article I’m going to be taking a detailed look at five high carb foods you need to cut from your diet in order to be successful with low carb eating.


  1. Cereals


Calories Per Serving = 100+

Carbs Per Serving = 25g+


Most cereals contain over 90% carbohydrates and a large proportion of these carbs are sugars. In addition to this, they contain very few nutrients in comparison to other carbohydrate sources. So instead of having cereals for breakfast, go for omelets or fruit mixed with Greek yogurt. Both these options are tasty, filling and much lower in carbs than cereal.


  1. Refined Sugar


Calories Per Teaspoon = 16

Carbs Per Teaspoon = 4g


If you’re adding sugar to your coffee or tea or sprinkling it on any foods you eat, this is a habit you need to stop right now. A single teaspoon of sugar contains 4g of carbohydrates and since it contains no fiber or starch, it instantly enters your bloodstream and causes your blood glucose levels to surge and then crash. In addition to this, sugar does very little to satisfy your appetite, so by keeping it in your diet, you’ll be adding excess carbs but your hunger levels will remain unchanged.


  1. Milk Chocolate


Calories Per 1.5 oz. Serving = 230+

Carbs Per 1.5 oz. Serving = 25g+


Milk chocolate is a tasty treat that many people enjoy daily. However, with an average bar containing over 230 calories and over 25g of carbs, it’s something you need to be eating moderately if you want to successfully follow a low carb diet plan. If you don’t want to give up chocolate completely, try coating some almonds (or you’re favorite nuts) in some melted milk chocolate and letting it set. This will allow you to still enjoy chocolate but as part of a lower carbohydrate snack.


  1. Candy


Calories Per 1 oz. Serving = 150+

Carbs Per 1 oz. Serving = 15g+


Candy may be a tempting snack but a small 1 oz. serving adds a notable 15g of carbs to your day. Like pure refined sugar, candy also does very little to satisfy your appetite. To satisfy your sweet tooth without loading up on carbs, try low carb fruits. Peaches, strawberries and watermelon all contain less than 15g of carbs and are also packed full of quality nutrients.


  1. Potato Chips


Calories Per 1 oz. Serving = 150+

Carbs Per 1 oz. Serving = 14g+


Potato chips are crunchy and tasty and something that many people snack on daily. However, with over 14g of carbs per 1 oz. bag, they’re not a suitable snack if you’re following a low carb diet. The good news is that there are plenty of low carb alternatives to potato chips. Nuts and seeds can be easily seasoned with a range of tasty herbs and spices and contain around 5g per ounce. Alternatively, you can make your own kale chips which are much lighter than regular potato chips and have a very low carb count.




As you can see, just a single serving of any of the five foods above will provide you with far more carbohydrates than you need. Not only will this sabotage your low carb eating plans but it will also disrupt your energy levels and leave you craving more carbs. So if you’re currently eating any of these foods, make sure you eliminate them from your diet today.

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