Exercising doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still maintain a good workout schedule without spending a lot of money on pricey home gym equipment, personal trainers or gym memberships.

And using your economic situation as an excuse to not exercise is just that – an excuse. So, stop compromising on your health and start working out because the list of ways in which you can stay in shape without spending a lot of money is endless. To get you started on the right path, here are some handy tips for exercising on a budget.

1 – Buy Some Used Fitness Equipment 

If you lack the time to exercise at the gym or the money to buy new gym equipment, you can shop around for used fitness equipment instead. Used fitness equipment helps you save a ton of money as it often costs less than half the price of brand new equipment. You can buy used fitness equipment in local stores and online stores or via auctions and classified ads. Just make sure to shop around to ensure you get the best deal.

2 – Take Advantage of Gym Promotions

Gyms are constantly running promotions that allow you to enjoy free or discounted use of their facilities. These promotions vary from one gym to another and can include anything from a free month’s worth of gym entry, free yoga classes or discounted rates for friends and family of existing gym members. Check out what money saving offers the gyms near you currently have and start working your way to health and fitness without spending much money. You can even move from one gym promotion to another and enjoy free or discounted gym usage for several months.

3 – Walk More

Walking is one of the most convenient forms of exercise that you can work into your day and it doesn’t cost a cent. This low-impact form of exercise offers you many advantages when done regularly. Some of these advantages include strengthening your heart, toning your legs and stomach, protecting against various chronic diseases and burning body fat. You can easily incorporate more walking into your day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or choosing to walk instead of driving. So take advantage of these opportunities to get fit for free.

4 – Try Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are another excellent way to get fit on budget. These exercises enable you to skip gym fees and turn your living room, bedroom or office floor into your very own personal gym. Since bodyweight exercises require no equipment, there is no expense for you. One of the best things about bodyweight exercises is that they’re incredibly versatile and can be used to build up your cardiovascular fitness, enhance your strength levels, improve your balance, lose weight and much more.

5 – Try Free Fitness Apps

If you own a mobile phone, there’s no reason why you should be left behind while everyone else is working hard at getting into better health and shape. This is because you can turn your mobile phone into your very own personal trainer by making use of fitness apps. There are many free apps available which provide you with daily workout advice, healthy diet options and more. With these apps, you’ll be able to monitor your diet and get effective workout ideas that will help you achieve any fitness goal without spending any money.


As you can see, getting fit doesn’t have to mean spending huge amounts of money. There are so many free or low cost options available for getting fit and by implementing the five suggestions above, you can start incorporating exercise into your routine right now, regardless of your budget.

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